Low Cost Energy Saving Measures – How to Reduce your Monthly Utility Bill

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There are numerous ways in which energy can be saved in the home by using simple, low-cost measures. Not only can you drastically cut the cost of your utility bills annually, but also reduce your CO2 emissions by a significant amount. Insulation Insulating hot water pipes will cost mere dollars, and will save over $10 dollars a year. This measure will save more than the initial installation costs. The same goes for insulating your hot water tank. An insulation jacket will cost around $20 dollars to purchase, but will reduce bills for the year by more than double this amount. Saving Water Showering consumes half the amount of hot water than a bath does, which can cut your water usage right down. However, power-showers can be just as wasteful as baths, so a shower fitting ought to be too less powerful if you are wanting to save on your water bills. Something as small as remembering to turn the tap off when you brush your teeth could save liters of water. In the 2 minutes that it takes to brush your teeth, a running tap would have dispensed 12 liters. In a year you could save over 8000 liters of water if you didn’t leave the tap running.   Heating water is also an expensive measure. To boil a full kettle twice, you could power a television for the duration 4 hours. By only boiling the water required rather than filling a kettle, a huge amount of energy can be saved. Energy Saving Bulbs By switching your regular bulbs for low energy lightbulbs you could save up to $50 over the lifetime of just one bulb. Despite a slightly higher upfront cost, low energy bulbs will last on average 10 times longer than standard bulbs making them significantly cheaper than their traditional counterpart. Draught-proofing Draught-proofing not only reduces the heating bill, but also makes the home cosier and more comfortable in the colder winter months. Simply sealing gaps in skirting boards around doors, windows and letterboxes will prevent excess heat escaping and could save an extra 150kg of CO2 emissions being released into the atmosphere. The monetary saving of this can also be quite significant, around $40 a year could be saved by draught-proofing on heating bills.   The Greater Impact By implementing these cheap and easy measures, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars on your home’s annual utility output. Employing these low-cost or free methods are painless but definitely worthwhile.